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          Where you are currently:How big a ship needs to have a lifeboat
          How big a ship needs to have a lifeboat
          From:admin   Date:2016-12-14
                Requirements for the equipment of lifeboat, rescue boat and life raft:
                1 International passenger ships equipped with lifeboats should be able to accommodate the total number of persons on board 50%, at least not less than 37.5% (the other allows the raft instead).
                2 The captain is not less than 85 meters on each side of the ship equipped with lifeboats can accommodate up to 100% the total number of persons on board.
                3 The structure of the lifeboat is fully enclosed or partially enclosed.
                4 A total of 500 tons and above the passenger on each side is equipped with at least 1 ship rescue boat.
                5 Less than 500 of the total ton passenger ship is equipped with at least 1 ship rescue boat.
                6 Cargo ship at least 1 rescue boats.
                7 If the lifeboat meets the requirements of the rescue boat, the lifeboat is allowed to replace the rescue boat.
                8 International passenger ships ship equipped with a raft to accommodate the total number of the whole ship 25%.
                9 The cargo ship is equipped with a life raft that holds 100% of the total number of people on board.
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