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          Where you are currently:Cast method for ship anchor
          Cast method for ship anchor
          From:admin   Date:2016-12-09
                Anchor is a common method of anchor. Its process is: the ship to anchor or anchor connection anchor into the water with the ground, and the mesh buried in the anchor the grip from the bottom of the consolidation, the ship is firmly tied in a predetermined position, according to the different waters, meteorological conditions and operational requirements, cast anchor method the common way is different, the first anchor, anchor and anchor head and tail tail.

                1. bow anchor

                The bow broke down, throwing a single anchor and double anchor two. Under normal circumstances only a single left anchor can fasten the ship, only in particularly large and large wave narrow anchored anchorage. Bow anchor, hull by wind, wave and current force wave impact force is minimum, so this way is the main way to anchor, anchor is arranged in the main cause of the bow. Generally very small boats and fishing boats with only one of the first anchor. In addition, any ship with two main head anchor at the bow. When the captain reaches a certain level, the ship should also have a spare main anchor, also known as wind resistant anchor.

                2. stern anchor

                The stern anchor for inland ship and landing craft. When the ship sailing at the downstream, in order to ensure the safety and avoid the U-turn, often by the stern anchor. In the back beach landing ship operations, in cooperation with the host machine, the anchor tension will put the beach the ship pulled down the beach.

                3. both broke down

                If you want to make the ship to ship berthing is always facing the wind direction, when the end anchored way. Both methods are generally anchored in the main anchor from the direction of wind thrown from the stern to the outside and around the rope has thrown the main chain link, and then release some main chain. Another method is, in the first main anchor, and then thrown from the tail tail anchor. The tail anchor usually left out of the boat, the tail anchor in general than the main anchor, mainly about anchor 1/3.
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